I worked as a front-end developer on a large team at Microsoft, developing the Windows 8 point of sale app for Microsoft Dynamics. I helped implement many of the screenshots you see, as well as developed a richly-featured CSS framework, similar in concept to Bootstrap, which was used to construct the layout of the app, as well as provide a framework around which the UI designers could implement their designs. The app makes heavy use of KnockoutJS, JQuery,and Typescript, while the back-end is built on the standard .NET stack of C# and MSSQL. The front-end was fully-configurable, as it pulled data from integrated back-office software. I worked on the implementation of things such as theme and color selection, landscape vs portrait layouts (all handled by my CSS framework), and the implementation of a variety of components that were utilized throughout the app, such as the configurable Cart page and the fully-responsive compare products page. This was an excellent project, and an incredible opportunity to work side-by-side with FTE Microsoft employees to deliver a very rich and complex piece of software.

ClientMicrosoft - DynamicsServicesFront-end Web Application Development, Windows 8 App DevelopmentYear2013 - 2014Linkguidedtours.dynamics.com