JK Earthworks

JK Earthworks is a site built earlier in my web development career, but it is still functioning solid today. The site provides a basic 4-page layout, following the standard web site design heuristics. It doesn’t showcase my design capabilities, so much as it showcases my proficiency in creating a website from scratch. This site is architected with shared components included on unique pages with PHP includes, reducing redundancy and increasing maintainability. I designed the site with a simple, all-roads-lead-to-Rome navigation flow, in which the home page presents a clear link to the projects (portfolio) page, which links to the services page, which finally links to the contact page. This type of navigation makes it simple for users to follow a logical train of information towards my customers ultimate end-goal – to get in touch with them. This site needs modernization. The web has come a long way, even in the past 5 years, and I am working with the client to implement a modernized site soon.

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